Let them talk to each other


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I’ve started an Instagram account (yes, I know, +pie!).



I’m still struggling a bit with how to use Instagram and why to use it. Instagram is a branding and marketing tool but I don’t really want to use it as that at the moment. I like my progress so far regarding Etsy branding—that is, I have a logo of sorts and my Too Many Pies shop is consistently all over the shop when it comes to colour, style, materials and listings. Most reflective of ‘a finger in too many pies’. Tick.

And I don’t want to drive traffic to my shop quite yet. Most of my work is experimental. One-offs aren’t sustainable in a commercial sense. I don’t want to be beholden to ‘make’ for the ‘customer’. (Great gratitude to the people who have bought from my shop—I’m so thankful you have found my work just the same)

instagram is good for…

Instagram is good for capturing on-the-run images that support my process. In this space my little pies can ‘talk to each other’.

They can talk colour ‘whoa! same, same’ or ‘wow! you’re very different…’ or ‘do you really think you have to be purple?’

They can talk texture and form ‘you’re a five-petalled flower too!’ or ‘what does it feel like to be a fabric design?’ or ‘let’s talk mathematically’

They can talk together about the world and imagination and struggle and influence and serendipity.

Unlike Pinterest, Instagram facilitates that dialogue without all the visual noise. And that suits my purpose at the moment!

The mood is chintz


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This morning’s pins include fashion and jewellery objects from the Victoria and Albert Museum – organic colours and shapes, and woven textures are the order of the day!

Those images made me think about why I love patterns, and in particular floral patterning in rich colours [beware a bit of rabbiting on here]. I saw the film Florence Foster Jenkins last week and it was very satisfying because it was full of over-exaggerated chintz (is that tautology?). That prompted me to look again at the origin of the word chintz—from the Hindi word chint or chitta meaning spotted or variegated, and of course I absolutely love spotted things, striped things, variegated colours and so on. Back to Florence, who wore a thumb ring ad sang about as well as I do. In tribute to her guts I made a thumb ring today with a variegated colour pattern. The blurry image below doesn’t do it justice—just a quick pic for the record. Thanks for the inspiration Florence!


Food for thought: 3 goals


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It’s May already and things are going swimmingly. I’m deeply immersed in colour and design and making stuff. Time for a regroup on the blog to push forward some of the ideas I’m currently working on!

It’s exciting when people look at my blog, but I do see it primarily as a journal of reflection that assists my creative process. Rather than keep everything in my head, I should be using this space to experiment and test patterns and images; somewhere I can return to when making decisions and refinements.

So here are three goals to give this reflective space a purposeful boost:

Goal 1: Moot a Mood board

I post my own and other’s images on my Too Many Pies Pinterest board but I think I should select some inspirational images to showcase each week. An image a day would be fine, but a posting of the week’s pins could also work.


Goal 2: Rabbit on

[Always impressed by rabbits], rabbiting on, that’s something I’m sure I can do quickly and easily. Just write … just write about things … just write about ideas and colours and designs and images and current obsessions and the loops and twists and spirals of practice and things that are exciting or illuminating or inspiring or significant; or not so significant but still worth noting. How often? Aiming for once a week but it has to be a quick jabber.

Goal 3: Celebrate Pie floaters*

*Pie floaters are the designs or images that I have made and refined to the point where I think they are worth documenting as patterns for others to use or to print (e.g as cards, artworks or fabrics).

Here’s an example of a pie floater I’d like to celebrate:


This reversible beanie design is thick and structured and beautifully simple. It’s almost ready to be written up as a knitting pattern. Still working on the design of the crown and exploring different colour ways and luxury yarns.

How will I measure achievement of this goal? I’m not sure. Wish me luck!!

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