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This morning’s pins include fashion and jewellery objects from the Victoria and Albert Museum – organic colours and shapes, and woven textures are the order of the day!

Those images made me think about why I love patterns, and in particular floral patterning in rich colours [beware a bit of rabbiting on here]. I saw the film Florence Foster Jenkins last week and it was very satisfying because it was full of over-exaggerated chintz (is that tautology?). That prompted me to look again at the origin of the word chintz—from the Hindi word chint or chitta meaning spotted or variegated, and of course I absolutely love spotted things, striped things, variegated colours and so on. Back to Florence, who wore a thumb ring ad sang about as well as I do. In tribute to her guts I made a thumb ring today with a variegated colour pattern. The blurry image below doesn’t do it justice—just a quick pic for the record. Thanks for the inspiration Florence!