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It’s May already and things are going swimmingly. I’m deeply immersed in colour and design and making stuff. Time for a regroup on the blog to push forward some of the ideas I’m currently working on!

It’s exciting when people look at my blog, but I do see it primarily as a journal of reflection that assists my creative process. Rather than keep everything in my head, I should be using this space to experiment and test patterns and images; somewhere I can return to when making decisions and refinements.

So here are three goals to give this reflective space a purposeful boost:

Goal 1: Moot a Mood board

I post my own and other’s images on my Too Many Pies Pinterest board but I think I should select some inspirational images to showcase each week. An image a day would be fine, but a posting of the week’s pins could also work.


Goal 2: Rabbit on

[Always impressed by rabbits], rabbiting on, that’s something I’m sure I can do quickly and easily. Just write … just write about things … just write about ideas and colours and designs and images and current obsessions and the loops and twists and spirals of practice and things that are exciting or illuminating or inspiring or significant; or not so significant but still worth noting. How often? Aiming for once a week but it has to be a quick jabber.

Goal 3: Celebrate Pie floaters*

*Pie floaters are the designs or images that I have made and refined to the point where I think they are worth documenting as patterns for others to use or to print (e.g as cards, artworks or fabrics).

Here’s an example of a pie floater I’d like to celebrate:


This reversible beanie design is thick and structured and beautifully simple. It’s almost ready to be written up as a knitting pattern. Still working on the design of the crown and exploring different colour ways and luxury yarns.

How will I measure achievement of this goal? I’m not sure. Wish me luck!!

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