I’m an artist, an educator, a writer and a wanna-be chef, craftsperson, gardener, social activist, web developer, designer and blogger.

I retired a couple of years ago from a career in arts education. Leading up to my retirement, I was excited about the prospect of doing all the things that I didn’t have time to do; you know, the same old story as those would-be retirees who are happy never to work EVER again.

In my dreams of a retired future I saw myself with loads of time to do all these things—domestic things like cooking and cleaning/renovating/designing; creative things like painting and knitting; planning and taking holidays; paying attention to and looking after the things that are important in my life.

I can’t explain exactly what has happened, but I think I am overloaded.

Overloaded by all these interests and more. Every time I do something, anything, I find new things to be interested in and pursue.

So, there are too many pies—and I am trying to get my fingers into all of them.

I’ve already written about having a finger in too many pies on my art blog:

No more pies!
Reflections: a finger in too many pies

These posts over a couple of years focus on a recurring theme of my diverse interests and my inability to keep up with my ambitious psyche.

What am I doing about having a finger in too many pies?

That’s the question I asked and this blog is the answer. I needed to get organised and to have some clear long-term goals about what I wanted to do. Goals that focused my time and energy and interests. Goals that recognised and further supported relationships between the pies.

This blog is an umbrella for all the pies. It brings together all the ideas, experiments and ventures. It’s a summary and platform for ideas and interests spawned by my other blogs. It’s a place for personal and social commentary.

It’s probably a meta-pie (no, not meat pie), which you could say is just another pie.



Add to the pies!

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