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Here’s a brief round-up of stimulus this week—who and what has given me more stimulus, more inspiration, more pies (!) to add to the legion:

CHEVRONS AND COLOURLOVERS (feeding stripe addiction, feeding colour addiction)

chevron1 chevron2

Stripes and chevrons are everywhere at the moment. Even Missoni is pandering to the fad through their own knock-offs in Target. I have a nice pattern for a knitted chevron cushion using Rowan yarn, so have been testing colour ways in COLOURlovers.

YARN FIX (feeding knit addiction, feeding colour addiction)


In the last couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with chunky and super chunky knits. I’m motivated to design a big chunky cowl and this Rico yarn is supposed to be super light, perfect for a big cowl. Expensive, though, so I’m saving up.

BEAUTY IN VIDEO (feeding stripe addiction, feeding earth texture addiction, feeding colour addiction)

These clips caught my eye in my weekly peruse of Vimeo. I’m still hankering to do some animation, but again it’s something you have to get immersed in so when that happens it will be only one finger in one pie for a while.




SIMS 3 (feeding SIMS world dominance addiction)

In Sims 3 posts in my blog artist practice, I talk about playing with Sims that are tailor-made to be artists. I’ve spent some time recently trying to edit various worlds to suit an artist community. It’s harder than I thought and very time-consuming.

This week I downloaded the Prism art studio which has inspired a new attempt to create a bespoke Hidden Springs for artists. A long-term project for sure.


Artist residences


Artist precinct


Painting studio

That’s the round-up for this week!