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I like the way Austin Kleon communicates with his audience (Austin Kleon of Steal Like an Artist fame amongst many other tags and feats). Once a week he sends a newsletter via email with 10 things that have captured his attention. Many of the items relate to his own work and inspiration.

I’m always pursuing balance* and a list of weekly inspiration is a useful tool when dealing with my too many piesHere are some of the things that have inspired the pies this week:

Foody food for thought


Image by Donnie Nunley

I’ve published my 4th post on the languishing blog FoodPromise! This post outlines a little struggle I’ve been having with LPR or silent reflux and the benefits of an alkaline diet to treat LPR.

The ever-growing stash


The image above—some of my stash waiting for a project. I’ve been buying up big on rabbits, fish and flowers. These are cheap charms but have a load of potential for use in knitting, weaving, beading and digital works.

Too many pies etsy outlet


My TooManyPies shop on Etsy is gradually getting stocked. Not quite ready for even a soft opening yet but it’s getting closer.

la biennale di venezia


Image by g.sighele

The Venice Biennale opened this week and I have been watching media reports about the debut of the Australian Pavilion. Looking forward to checking out Fiona Hall’s collaborative work with the Tjanpi Desert Weavers for the Biennale.

Grokking and *equipoising

I stumbled across two new (to me) words this week.

For anyone else who hasn’t seen the term grok used, it means to understand something intuitively, or to establish empathy and rapport with something or someone. My post about Susie Bubble on artistpractice.com expands on how I grok her!

Equipoising is to achieve balance when dealing with multiple interests, a useful term to add to the Pie Philosophy.

This week I’ve breathed, I’ve alkalised, I’ve stocked and stumbled across and I’m proud to say that I’ve equipoised…