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MEAT, no, Meta pie!


Welcome to Too Many Pies‘s first post.


If you read my ABOUT page, I’m talking about what I do and what I aspire to do. This blog is my way of drawing together the threads of aspiration. It’s a ‘Meta’ pie—a pie about the pies. So here I start to talk about some of those many interests that I have. No talk yet about the specifics, just an overview for you:


Art of the Pie

I have an art practice (painting, digital work, collage/assemblage). I also have a blog, Artist Practice that tracks and reflects on my practice.



Related to my art practice, I have an obsession with materials (things like yarn, fabric, paper, beads), which leads me to collect them, which inspires ideas for other creative projects. This is my single greatest distraction, and the biggest pie-proliferator. My Mastercrafting blog is dominated by knit projects at the moment, but is aimed at tracking my progress in developing new skills, techniques and designs with all manner of materials.



Pies, literally

I love cooking and have recently acquired an interest in gardening as an aesthetic and functional support for my kitchen. My Food promise blog, though a bit in the doldrums of late, is a documentation of how I feel about food. It will chronicle how and what we eat—both day to day and on special occasions. I get particularly excited about the food photography part of this venture and look forward to designing and documenting unique, authentic, healthy recipes.



Slice of the MEAT Meta Pie

That’s just a little slice of the Meta Pie. There are so many more slices, and many more pies!

I assume that I’m not the only one with this ‘problem’. This problem of being interested in the world, and in particular, the creative world. And I guess there are other bloggers who work their way through the issue of organising diverse content and dealing with competing interests. I look forward to joining and connecting with like-minded people!