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When you have a problem (in my case, the ‘too many pies’ problem) then it’s a good idea to work out why you have a problem.

At least part of the problem is that I am addicted to ‘new’. It’s not like a shopping addiction, where you have to go and buy something to feel happy or fulfilled. It’s more like a rush of excitement and inspiration when encountering a new object, a new design idea or a new way of thinking.

In fact it can even be an encounter with something known or old, but the way in which my brain deals with it is new—a new twist on an old idea, for example. Or I can anticipate something new coming from old.

So, my life is a constant search for new. I am part neophile* and part neophyte*. I love the novel, but also love the thought of learning more about that which is novel. And I want to learn about it now, right this second!

Because in that learning there is always further discovery; more newness.


*Neophile or Neophiliac is a term used by cult writer Robert Anton Wilson to describe a personality type characterised by a strong affinity for novelty (ref Wikipedia)

*Neophyte is a person who is new to a subject or activity; novice, beginner, learner (ref Google definition)


Image  "WONG Ka Lai, Kali: Monsters Family: Collection / PolyU Fashion Show 2013" by See-ming LeeCC-BY-2.0