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I realise that part of the Too many pies ‘syndrome’ (my version anyway) is wanting to stockpile materials and tools, just in case I need them for some bright idea that emerges unexpectedly. When you have an idea, you really want to play with that idea IMMEDIATELY.

At first I thought this penchant for stockpiling was like planning for contingencies, but it’s not that so much as having lots of options, so that if I’m experimenting, I have lots of possibilities at my disposal.

This means I have a lot of stuff—a lot of yarn, a lot of art materials, a lot of digital images, a lot of beads and buttons, and a growing number of tools and machines, some of which I haven’t used yet, or have no idea how to use. [I was just given an overlocker and now have to find out what you do with one]

I desperately want a 3D printer.

So I don’t yet have the whole shebang but am getting closer to having the whole kit and caboodle.

In terms of Too many pies philosophy, I need:

  • a myriad (extremely large number)
  • an array (variety), and
  • just enough (for choice that satisfies, or resolves the idea in material form)

And, typically, a bigger house!