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Garden image by Deidhre Wauchop

Western courtyard

As a wannabe gardener, I’m pretty proud of some recent achievements. I’ve managed to keep lots of plants alive and encouraged them to grow bigger and lusher.

I’ve succeeded in growing some healthy plants from seed, particularly chillis, oregano and thyme. I’ve dried the excess oregano and thyme but still need some advice for preserving chillis.

Having success too, with striking jade, african violets, bougainvillaea and duranta.

It’s really fulfilling to turn a barren, windswept, western/southern facing courtyard into a lush little oasis. The first plants to inhabit this area have hung on through stormy weather, have become hardy, and now provide a screen and protection for more delicate plants that once would not have survived here.

My north-facing courtyard has grown up tremendously. Below you can see the difference between what it is now and how it started.

The colours in my garden inspire my artwork. I love the variety of greens, the dark greens particularly and then the pops of reds, pinks and violets.

Photo by Deidhre Wauchop

Northern courtyard

Photo by Deidhre Wauchop

Garden beginnings